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Whatever type of exercise you choose to do, being active outdoors is proven to increase your happiness and general wellbeing. Studies have shown that while exercising regularly will help to improve your mental health, making you more relaxed and happy.

Outdoor workouts enable you to get fresh air and often bring you closer to nature, both of which have been shown to increase creativity and energy levels, while reducing stress levels.

CERIA PARKOUR is a good way to improve community wellness with high-quality composite fitness structures. This fitness systems accommodate multiple users at once, reducing wait times and providing a wide range of training options at every station.

You are able to use CERIA PARKOUR products day in and day out. From pull-ups to more advanced gymnastics moves, we are able to challenge the fittest athletes and accommodate beginners. Fitness will become fun and easy for people of all fitness levels to spend more time outdoors training for sports in everyday life.

  • Combining a variety of activities such as jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting, swinging or whatever possible to avoid the obstacles
  • Testing your stamina, strength and flexibility
  • Solid design and researched thoroughly, minimizing user injuries
  • Suitable for parkour training, from basic to advanced
  • Allowing individuals to simply and safely tailor their workout intensity

Some featured products of CERIA PARKOUR that we would like to recommend:

  • It is a basic set for bodyweight exercise.
  • Dip bars have been included to this product and to be able to practice squats and “human flag”, there has been included also vertical boom to this product.
  • Pull-up bars, set to different levels, make it possible to exercise different swing movements, kips and tractions.

  • A multifunctional piece of equipment combining rings and dip bars.
  • The rings are suitable for doing ring dips or other gymnastic exercises.
  • The set is suitable even for beginners who want to learn to do dips.
  • More experienced enthusiasts can move on to actual dips, which can initially be made easier by using the footrest.
  • Dips are used for strengthening the chest, shoulder and arm muscles.

  • Offer an exceptional variety of exercises with the ability to load all muscle groups.
  • Includes the following attachments: pull ups bar-long, multifunctional bar, boxing bag, monkey bars, ladders, handstand, push ups and pull ups stand.
  • It is possible to train up to many people simultaneously.

(Please visit our website to see more products and new constantly updates.)

CERIA PARKOUR has been designed to work with your current apparatus and fill in the gaps missing with the traditional apparatus.

Only reputable manufacturers could provide safe and sustainable training environments with state-of-the-art designs for people of all ages and fitness levels. We are grateful to everyone who uses our workout grounds and trusts us!

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