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CERIA believes that various forms of play, recreation, and physical activity are essential throughout life as they provide a healthy life balance and greatly enrich people of all ages and abilities.

CERIA has seven different lines of equipment that cater to different kinds of exercises and types of people. From the CERIA ECO, which covers strength, cardio, balance and flexibility; to the CERIA POWER, which is perfect for public areas where space is limited, CERIA has it all.

Studies show that one of the leading causes of injuries is a lack of balance and flexibility, particularly as we grow older. CERIA POWER includes products specially designed to enhance your balance and flexibility. This is a key element in enhancing overall fitness and is important to help prevent injury from inadvertent falls.

Incorporating these products into your fitness park also ensures multiple users can participate at once, reducing wait times and creating a circuit-style workout.

– A remarkable advancement in design, bringing new impressions to users
– Stimulating creative performance
– Focusing on the body’s muscles, increasing flexibility and concentration
– Suitable for teenagers or professional sportsmen
– Strengthening cardiac and pneumonic functions
– Good for healing frozen shoulder, functional hindrances of joints in shoulder and elbow, wrist and old injuries

Outdoor training sites have been evolving in recent years to help tackle the ongoing obesity issue in both adults and children. Installing outdoor gyms help to make them more relevant to locals and is a great way of encouraging people to exercise more and improve their health and fitness levels.

Outdoor fitness equipment are designed specifically for the outside world. When you purchase outdoor fitness equipment from a reputed company as CERIA, your products will be standard equipment that is tested before supply. They will carry fewer chances of tear and wear. There will be very fewer risks of accidents. The materials of the equipment would be resistant to heat, rain, storm, snow, etc. and therefore can withstand any kind of weather condition.

CERIA wants to create a fitness space that appealed to adults and older teens of all fitness levels. We want a product that was durable, easy to use, and Meet Safety Requirements.

To discuss your future project, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or write us an email.

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