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CERIA is the global leader of outdoor fitness equipment, continues to pursue our mission to provide safe forms of training that are as good for business as they are for users.

We leverage a strong backing and manufacturing expertise to develop the most innovative products and safe designs. There can be no better choice than one with extensive experience, service history and product design as CERIA.

We design outdoor exercise grounds for all age groups and for people’s different abilities. Most CERIA equipment can be used regardless of a user’s level of fitness. Our equipment is installed which can be multipurpose and as universally applicable as possible.

CERIA SOLAR is top-notch. There’s nothing that could have done better. The equipment gets used every day by a diverse group of people. Customers tend to add additional pieces in the future due to the popularity of the equipment. Our company is continually looking for ways to help people progress in their fitness goals, become a better version of themselves and in every area of their lives.

Physical activity involving CERIA SOLAR has numerous health benefits such as; reduced risk of chronic disease, weight management, improved social connectedness, and improved mental wellbeing. They are durable, well-made and can be installed in almost any public space to introduce a solution for community wellness.

  • Symmetric design and combination of different types of movement
  • Offering comfortable sheds for outdoor practice activities
  • Smart fitness equipment utilizing solar energy to store electricity
  • Suitable to install in modern training grounds, public spots in urban areas
  • Offering opportunities for adults to train alone or in a group setting outdoors
  • Strengthening cardiac and pneumonic function and coordination
  • Improving blood circulation and digestive system performance

CERIA SOLAR has a wide range of exercise equipment integrated many functions, supporting the movement of arms, legs, calves, abdominal muscles, etc.

CERIA’s products are designed by leading experts, constantly updated new trends and applied many advanced technologies, which bring high value to investors.

With the desire to create more productive and healthy sport training environments, we constantly improve the quality and design of our products. Our equipment is not only diversified in design, function but also suitable for all ages of users. Many huge projects have chosen CERIA as a reliable partner, providing great experiences for users around the world.

Our staff is available 24/7 and ready to answer your inquiries!

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