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CERIA’s sports equipment is popularly installed in parks, public play areas, gyms, parkour training spots, etc. We have many products specifically designed for children, professional athletes or beginners. Especially, we also provide equipment for disabled people, providing the opportunity to experience and enhance the health of people in a safe and sustainable way.

We have designed research and products to create meaningful fitness spaces for people. There’s much exercise equipment for disabled people that can help. CERIA UNI is a great way for wheelchair users to get exercise while meeting new people and making new friends. We feature a full range of equipment for users of all abilities and fitness levels and help your community to achieve its health and wellness goals.

CERIA UNI is the best idea to build up the strength and flexibility of muscles in limbs, back, shoulder, and promote the functions of the joints in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger for disabled people. It’s also good for healing ache, numbness and rigidness in the shoulder, arm and upper back, functional hindrances.

  • Fitness equipment is researched and designed for people with disabilities
  • Good for healing the strain of lumbar muscles, functional hindrances of limbs, muscular atrophy, etc.
  • Good for healing the inconvenience of bending and stretching of limbs, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, sprain of anklebone, etc.
  • Developing the strength of limbs, improving the stability and agility of the three main joints of limbs, and also the balance of the body
  • Enlarging the opportunity to exercise and health improvement of people with disabilities
  • Contributing to upgrade public health by good quality
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors

For some disabled people, getting regular exercise can be a challenge. When it’s difficult to move around, or if strength, stamina or dexterity are an issue, keeping a degree of fitness can be extremely difficult. And yet we all know the myriad of health benefits that are associated with regular exercise. Let’s consider CERIA UNI’s options and look for specialist equipment that can help you to achieve your goals.

CERIA UNI meets all high requirements of safety, durability and comfort.

CERIA is a front-runner of outdoor fitness equipment design for people of all abilities. CERIA supplies a large number of all-in-one services and ensures the quality of goods, helping customers to save time and money.

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