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With the desire to create more productive and healthy sport training environments, we constantly improve the quality and design of our products. Our equipment is not only diversified in design, function but also suitable for all ages of users. Many huge projects have chosen CERIA as a reliable partner, providing great experiences for users around the world.

The benefits of physical activity on human health are undeniable. CERIA has a wide range of machines and exercise equipment integrated many functions, supporting the movement of arms, legs, calves, abdominal muscles, etc.

With the continuous development of society, aside from meeting the needs of the community, a modern training ground also ensures the aesthetic of the landscape. CERIA’s products are designed by leading experts, constantly updated new trends and applied many advanced technologies, which bring high value to investors.

CERIA supplies a large number of all-in-one services and ensures the quality of goods, helping customers to save time and money.

Our staff is available 24/7 and ready to answer your inquiries!


Our other services:

  • Cost planning, design development
  • Expansions and refurbishments
  • Feasibility studies and market analysis
  • Interior design and fit-out
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Master planning and concept design
  • Operational Consultancy and Management
  • Rides, attractions and show designs
  • Thematic design and construction, turnkey solutions


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